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Which is your favorite cartoon?
Midnight Call to Mamie
I've Fallen... & I Cant Get up!
Its Not All Cute
Matts Puking Problem
Mamie Wins a Million!
An Oriental Delight
Bad Kim


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So our advertising campaign didn't work out so well. I guess some people dont see the humor in It burns like a period on memorial day. Oh well, we still have to hit USF with our posters. Anyway, two new cartoons are up.. check them out!
Our new advertising campaign starts tomorrow! We're putting up signs on the Manatee Community College campus and the University of South Florida campus. If you came here because you saw a sign please participate in our webpoll above. If you attend either of these schools look out!
Our first cartoon quicky is posted! Katie had a great idea last night of having a section of the site devoted to small cartoons because everybody is on the run these days. Check out It's Not All Cute, our first Cartoon Quicky!
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Hello there kiddies! I have finished yet another cartoon. Well actually more than that but Matto threw them out. Bastard. Anyway. I am on his ass to start up like a "Cartoon Quickie" section. Where we just a one or two scene slice of our weird ass lives for you. I have just been told that Bad Kim is up now, this happened like 4 years ago but still stands out in my mind! Read it, bitches and hos!
Hey everybody! It's Matt here and I just wanted to remind you that we have several funny cartoons up right now. All you have to do is click on the picture to view.
We now have three cartoons under the Latest Cartoon section of the website. This is because Katie has been working like a horny dog on these cartoons. They are all pretty funny but my personal favorite is Midnight Call to Mamie. Anyway, check them out and don't forget to tell your friends about this site ;-) TTYL
Hey everybody! We just put up a new cartoon and we have another one on the way. Please take the time to look at it because this one is fifty times better then the first one that Katie did. I think she was a little upset that night because she got in a fight with her manager at work and got sent home. ANYWAY as I type Katie is polishing off another masterpiece so take a look!

© Copyright 2003 Matthew Barnes
Buster Gets a Bath...
The Psychic Hustler
Mmm... Tasty!

It's Not All Cute

Bad Kim
Mamie Wins a Million!

I've Fallen.. & I Can't Get Up!
Matt's Puking Problem
Midnight Call To Mamie

An Oriental Delight

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