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We need to get the word around about It Burns Like A Period on Memorial Day. We want to start a link exchange. You put a link up for our website and we'll put one up for yours. It's that easy!

Basically we really need peoples help because you know that its hard to get hits without paying money. We are a brand new website so we aren't getting as much hits as we would like. We have a little following from our friends and their friends but we are looking for more. We hope that you can help us and in the meantime we can help you! If your product or services website just aint getting enough hits then try our link exchange. Hopefully it will work out for the both of us.

Your link on our website will be based on how you put our link on your website. For example if you put our link on your front page then we will put your link on our front page. If you put our link in a highly visible place and we get a lot of hits because of it you can bet that we will pay you back. We will put your website under our navigation menu on the left side of the page. This is good because no matter where people venture off to on our website they will always see your advertisement.

Take a look at what we have to offer as far as links go on the bottom of this page. If you have a suggestion for a new animated gif or link please email us at LikeOnMemDay@aol.com.

Once our link is on your website drop us a line to tell us. Please include your name, website address with the link on it, and an animated gif or banner that you would like to go on our website.


<CENTER><a href="http://m-a-t-t.0catch.com"> <IMG SRC="http://m-a-t-t.0catch.com/burns.gif"> <BR>IT BURNS LIKE A PERIOD ON MEORIAL DAY</A></CENTER><BR> WILL APPEAR AS:


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