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Here are the Characters of "It Burns Like a Period on Memorial Day" in no particular order.
NOTE: Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

She-He - This is a something that Katie and I see around campus a lot. Katie gets to have the pleasure of having it sit next to her in one of her classes. Katie and I both aren't sure what sex this person actually is. Katie hopes that it is a boy because it comes on to her during class!

Our Homo - This kid is an obvious homosexual - not that there is anything wrong with that. The reason why Katie and I talk about him is because of his voice. It sounds like a sort of... alien type thing. It's very strange. We call him our homo because he is in one of my class and he has another class with Katie.

Katie - Katie is the co-star of this little comic strip. She is 17 years old and has a bit of a social problem. You see Katie is so farther advanced then anybody else on this Earth, it is hard for her to find people to call friends. She lets this slide with Matt because he has been around for a while and without him she would have absolutely no friends... seriously.

Find out more about Katie in the Our Story section of this website.

Matt - Matt is the other costar of this little comic strip. He is a fairly normal guy who has a few skeletons in his closet... but who doesn't. He sometimes approaches things without thinking of them and that is what gets him into trouble. This is one reason why he keeps Katie around... she is smart!

Find out more about Matt in the Our Story section of this website. 

Sarah - Both Katie and I have known Sarah for a long time. We went to school with her from preschool-8th grade. She used to be very good friends with Katie before Katie and I were friends. Sarah used to be delightfully eccentric like Katie, but she decided one day to be a preppy little teenibopper.

Megan - This girl is someone that Katie and I don't know very well. She is Sarahs new best friend and is around her constantly. She too is a preppy little teenibopper.

Girl With One in Front of Screen Name - This girl is also known as Jessica. Matthew went to school with her from 9th - 10th grade. Jessica is a jolly young gal who currently attends the University of South Florida. Katie knows her as girl with one in front of screen name because Jessica changed her screen name but only put a one in front of it.

The Chinese People - These poor old people have had to go through a lot. Katie and I both have pranked called these people a million times asking if Sue was there. These people went so far as to call a lawyer (so they say) to get us to stop calling... guess what? We never did. Katie found their number one time when she dialed mine but just pressed a 9 instead of an 8. She was like: "WE GOTTA CALL THESE CHINESE PEOPLE!" ... Little did we know that this would turn into a massive part of our lives for 9th and 10th grade.

Mamie - Okay this is a cracked out ladie that used to live down the street from Matthew. Katie and Matt both had a great time calling her late night whenever she was all fucked up. Hopefully you think what she says is funny too. REMEMBER... Everything we put on here is true... this was a true woman that truly said all of the things she is quoted as saying.

Shelly - This is Katie and Matts middle school teacher. We called her by her first name because we went to a private middle school. Anyway, this woman was kind of strange and she is noted for constantly saying "folks" and licking her lips excessively.

Christy - Christy is a girl that Katie and I both went to school with during middle school. She was one of those people that you know has something wrong with them but you just aren't quite sure what it is. All of our middle school class would terrorize her and well.. kids can just be so mean.