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This is the story of two of the coolest people on this earth. Okay, maybe not. Katie and Matthew are both College students at Manatee Community College. They decided one day that their lives were just too strange to go around without telling everybody about them. They thought that their stories were pretty amusing and they hope that you do to.

Katie and Matthew have both been in this part of Florida for a long time. They have known each other for many years. They went to school together from pre-K until 8th grade. They never really became friends until they left the school that they both attended. Ever since the last day of school they have been friends. Accept for a few times where Matthew had something go wrong with his brain and wouldn't talk to Katie for a few months. Luckily they continue their friendship has continued to grow, even now that they are in school together again.

While Katie and Matt went to different schools their friendship pretty much consisted of phone calls. Neither of them had a car and since they lived on opposite sides of the county they didn't see each other that much. They were both kind of missfits in their schools so they depended on each other for friendship. Most of the time that they were on the phone with one another they would make fun of people and just increase their self esteem.

Now the Katie and Matt once again attend school together. They don't see one another that much at school because Katie is too much of an a-social freak to stick around during lunch time. She hardly ever comes to the student union unless her parents can't pick her up. Hopefully next semester she and Matthew will have a few classes together and the same lunch break. For now their friendship still consists of talks on the telephone.

A while back they wanted to make a website like this but never got around to it. Since Matthew is grounded for an unmentionable amount of time they have decided to once again give it a shot. This time it will work out and the website will be made because neither of them have anything better to do.

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